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renewable technologies - solar water heating
solar water heating systems depend upon solar radiation and not direct sunlight, so the system can continue to operate even on dull and overcast days..

however, in winter, although a panel can be effective in helping warm  the water, the system will still need its traditional hot water heater to provide most of the hot water heating needs, which can be provided by an electric heating element or a low temperature hot water heating coil.

in the autumn, spring and summer, a solar panel can yield surprising results, often not requiring any support from the boiler or electric heater element.

depending upon your system and how and when hot water is utilised, it is possible that the demand for hot water can be met by the solar panel at these times of the year.
introducing this type of system early in the design process the solar panels can be designed as an integral part of the roofing system.

by utilising solar water heating reliance upon the primary energy sources is reduced thereby reducing carbon emissions.

this system cannot be described as a true zero carbon system as electricity is used to circulate heat transference liquid through the system. therefore this system is best described as a low carbon system.
solar hot water systems are a straight forward system to incorporate into a buildings hot water system, when the panels are unable to provide all the heat required they can be backed up by conventional gas boiler or a greener approach would be to utilise a high temeperature heat pump.

triangle have designed many solar water installations from a single panel on residential housing to large scale installations on commercial buildings and colleges.
simple circuit diagram
solar collector

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