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energy performance certificates
what is the aim of the EPC?

buildings are major consumers of energy. around 40% of final energy consumption in the european community is in the buildings sector. EC research has indicated that by improving energy efficiency, carbon emissions from buildings could be reduced by 22%.

this will help the EU to meet its climate change objectives under the kyoto protocol commitments as well as improve the energy performance of new and existing buildings.

when do i need an EPC?

energy ratings similar to the consumer-friendly fridge ratings will have to be produced for every  property bought and sold in england, wales and scotland. the requirements for buildings to have an EPC, form part of the UK’s government’s response to the EU energy performance in buildings directive.

the requirement for an EPC will be compulsory on change of lease, sale of the property or every 10 years; as well as for most buildings, which have public access.

are any buildings exempt?

the following places will not require an EPC:-

places of worship.

stand-alone building of less than 50 square metres (except for dwellings.)

temporary buildings with a planned time of use of 2 years or less.

buildings with a low energy demand (e.g. barns).

buildings to be demolished in some circumstances are exempt from requiring a certificate.

what information is required?

floor plans of the building to be certified, complete with constructional details. a measured survey is required where architectural drawings are not available.

mechanical and electrical installations details.where these details are not available a detailed survey to review building insulation, heating systems, cooling systems and electrical systems will be required.

david carter one of our directors is registered by the chartered institute of building services engineers (CIBSE), low carbon energy assessors accreditation scheme, approved by the government.

as a member of the CIBSE accredited energy assessor scheme david was one of the first in the country to become an approved assessor.

triangle consulting engineers are able to provide to building owners both energy assement surveys and EPC certificates.
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