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renewable technologies - biomass
biomass boilers are a green alternative to a traditional gas fired boiler. a biomass boiler utilises a sustainable energy source .

there are various uses and forms of fuel dependent upon the region where the boiler is installed and what is available from local sources.

the source fuel needs to be local to the site and investigation into the local supply chain is required.  it is pointless reducing emissions by utilising a biomass boiler if a long journey is required by the delivery vehicles.
the sustainable supply of the fuel has to demonstrate that this option is a carbon balance from growing of the fuel to delivery through to site. 

the crop to be used as a fuel is typically, willow, birch, bamboo or large grasses and has to be quick to grow. 

the fuel takes the form of wood pellets, wood chips, briquettes and wood logs.

the site implications of any biomass fuel option requires large on site storage of fuel material and access for delivery to a convenient position. 

this requires careful thought with regards to position of the boiler house.
inside a biomass boiler
biomass boiler

green triangle
sawdust pellets