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renewable technologies - air source heat pumps
residential heat pump
large commercial air source heat pump
air source heat pumps operate in a very similar way to that of ground source heat pumps.

the air source heat pump utilises a simple refridgeration cycle to recover low grade heat from the surrounding air and raise its temperature to the point where water can be heated to provide space heating and domestic hot water heating.

the air source heat pump is very energy efficient and has lower carbon emmisions when compared to conventional gas boilers.

in comparison to ground source heat pumps these systems compare very well being only slightly less energy efficient than ground source.

triangle consulting engineers have utilised airsource heat pumps to heat and cool
apartments and houses upto large scale installations for offices and universities.

air source heat pumps can raise water temperatures upto 70 degrees centigrade although at these temperatures their efficiencies significantly reduce.

triangle have succesfully combined combinations of ground source and air source heat pumps together to heat and cool large buildings.

due to seasonal efficiencies air source heat pumps are more efficient in summer than winter due to the external temperatures, ground source heat pumps are more effective in winter than summer, by combinng the two types the best efficiencies can be otained year round.


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